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Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Name is John Crandall

I've been a Day Trader and a Penny Stock Trader almost since the beginning of online brokerage. I was with BrokerageAmerica back when they offered commission free trades, but they sold my account to Ameritrade and now I pay commissions, about twenty bucks to get in and out. Day Trading and Penny Stock Trading have been very enjoyable for me. I guess I'm strictly small time, $7000 in one day is my big highlight, but I seem to be able to take money out of the market whenever I need it, and I always seem to get it back.

I've never tried blogging before although I've known about it for over a year. Bear with me as I learn to post typo free text, and write things people want to read. I guess I'm just doing this because I just finished my Master's Degree. I'm used to writing a lot, and I haven't found a job yet. The fact that some people make money doing this is another possible perk, we'll see how I do on that one over time. My Master's is in History, by the way, and it will be interesting to see if I can find a job that calls for my degree. There might be some History content in my blog eventually, but right now I'm planning to focus on stocks and my race against time to figure out some way to make money without spending my trading stake before my credit cards get maxed out.

After living off it for two months, I have about 6 grand left in my trading account, I've pulled out 1200 on the last two months, and about 5 grand total since I first started with 1800 bucks way back when I was still in the Marine Corps (in 1999 or so). Like I said, one time I made 7000 bucks in one day, but I also took a $3000 hit early on refusing to sell a stock that went chapter 11 on me. Another time I took a $2200 hit, another penny stock took bankruptcy out of the blue. Those or the big ones, but add it all up and I spent $5000, lost $5200 on bad stocks, and I have $6000 left, so that means I had to have made $16,000 gross out of my original $1800, and $11000 net in 7 years, thats not a lot of money, but I've definitely been beating the market. The big boys (professional stock analysts) call anything above a 10% annual gain beating the market, and brag about it, so I ought to be crowing like a rooster, because I'm beating the heck out of that.

Like I said, when I have the time for it, I'm into Day Trading, but I'm always into penny stocks. What I plan to write here is a running record of my trading activities. Right now, I'm kind of tied up in some long positions I have a lot of faith in, but being unemployed, I'll probably start to transition back to Day Trading. TRTI is one stock I'm in. I own 5000 shares, and I expect it to hit somewhere in the nieghborhood of a dollar within 6 months or so. I got in at .07 and its been to like .48 or .50 since I've been in it, and it was at .31 last week, but its kind of sitting still at like .21 or .23 or something like that right now.

They're a landfill waste management company with a record of pretty consistent good profits, and the stock is trading at a little over half of earnings. I peg a lot of my trading decisions to the P/E ratio. The P/E on this one is kick ass, the buying interest is the only thing missing to drive it to what it's worth.

I'm not going to name off my whole portfolio, I don't guess, just the ones I'm sure about that are worth you guys checking out. TRTI is a definite long winner, and if I sell it before a dollar it will be just to free up my cash for Day Trading. I'm pretty sure I can pull down 50 to 100 bucks a day if I go back to Day Trading, and don't have any disasters. Come back, and you can ride through the whole thing with me. That's about all the typing I'm up for right now, but I'll blog again tommorrow.


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